"After 25 the only thing you’ll be precocious at is death."

(Perspectives, My Letter to Fear by Patricia Steffy)

A Good Mood Monday

Okay, I know that at least three of you rolled your eyes at the title. I did a little inward eye roll myself, but I’m trying to put a positive spin on the first day of this week. In that spirit, here are the things that are making me perkier than normal on this Monday morning:   Photos of animals
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What You Missed

  This past week has involved a book, a big trip review and some gloriously good chocolate frozen treats. If your week has been similarly busy, here is what you’ve missed from me from around the web.   Dating in LA and Other Urban Myths Book Review: The French House   Broke Girls Travel Guest Post: How to turn your European
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Book Review: “The French House”

If you’ve ever had a fantasy about running away to a hidden oasis, you should read The French House by Don Wallace. In fact, if you’ve ever looked at your life, found yourself struggling to do things you don’t really find fulfilling, and wished for a bold escape, you should read this book. The French House is a tale of
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The Comeback

Much to the surprise of everyone around me, though probably even more of a surprise to myself, right after writing Stalling Tactics, I went back to dance class. In fact, I’ve been to three now—only missing one when other commitments and a deadline got in the way. I suppose it isn’t really accurate to say “back” since it is a
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My Evening Out with Flora Nuit

 Every once in a while this blogging life results in a discovery. On June 28th, I discovered Flora Nuit at their pop-up shop launch in Los Angeles, and now my brain is thinking luxury lingerie more than it ever has in the past. I know it’s a little strange because you probably think of me as a t-shirt and sweatpants
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Sex, Love and Commitment (Part 2)

  Part 2 of my interview with April Goodjohn is now live! You can read the second part of the interview here.

Exciting Updates: New Review and Interview!

This week is already off to a pretty great start! First, I did an interview with April Goodjohn for Susie Beaty Green Books. You might remember her name because I reviewed her book, Circle the Date. April has posted the first part of an interview she did with me about sex, love, soulmates and the power of knowing yourself, among other things.
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